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Karen Fleischmann founder

LETGOFLOW was founded in 2017, stemming from my energy healing classes. I'm an empath and gifted intuitive energy healer. My journey of awakening began in on the 21.12 .2012. Over the past few years, I've dedicated myself to healing, growth, and transformation, continually striving to embody the best version of myself. This journey is ongoing, and I recognize that many other souls will be called to embark on their awakening journey in the coming years—a vital step in elevating human consciousness. Today, I'm excited to share with you a range of high-vibe energy tools and goods that have been instrumental in my own awakening journey.

LETGOFLOW is dedicated to self-love, healing, consciousness, and high-vibe energy tools. Our products are designed to enhance self-awareness, facilitate healing, foster connection with the higher self, and rediscover true divinity and power.

Blessed and supported by Mother Earth, the universe, spirit guides, energy portals, and the Akashic records. LETGOFLOW is infused with divine energy. It is my life's purpose to connect with fellow light workers, star seeds, empaths, and healers to spread love and light across our planet.

With Love and Light,

Sustainability and Transparency

It's LETGOFLOW's mission to produce and trade as fairly and sustainably as possible. Transparency is a cornerstone of LETGOFLOW’s philosophy, prompting us to provide clear product information below and with each product description.

We steer clear of plastic, opting instead for natural packaging materials such as recycled paper and cardboard, hemp cord, paper tape, vegan recyclable stuffing foam, and grass paper for our 'thank you love notes'. By the way, you can plant your 'thank you love notes' and watch beautiful flowers bloom!

All our products are designed to have a long-lasting or very long-lasting life. Additionally, all our products are vegan-friendly.

** LETGOFLOW natural Manifestation Candles in bulk glass are handmade by Karen in Halbinsel Au, Switzerland. The wax is a 100% natural wax from Turkye and is made of 90% sunflower oil wax and 10% olive oil wax. This product is a very long-lasting product and will also burn for you in 100 years time if stored correctly.


** LETGOFLOW Magic Rose Salt contains fair-traded Himalayan salt and fair-traded sea salt with dried rose petals from our own garden in Switzerland. This product will last forever if stored correctly.


** LETGOFLOW healing Crystals we do purchase from our trusted gemstone wholesale in Switzerland. Our crystals come from Brazil and Madagascar. As they are made by mother earth they belong to nature. 


** LETGOFLOW white Sage Smudge sticks are fair-traded in North America. If stored correctly this product lasts forever.


** LETGOFLOW high vibe Palo Santo comes from South America and is traded fairly. Also, the wood is only harvested of branches that had fallen naturally from the trees. If stored correctly this product lasts forever. Even your grand grand grandchildren can smudge their homes with it!


** LETGOFLOW Ritual Oils are handmade by Karen in Halbinsel Au, Switzerland. All ingredients are channeled and they vary by year and planets constellations.  All Ritual Oils will be perfectly good for at least 5 years. Oil can get sticky after a few years but still it's biodegradable or usable. Don’t eat if older than 5 year only put it on your skin.


** LETGOFLOW 54 Everyday Spirit Guide Cards printed on FSC paper with vegetable based printing color. These card sets will last longer than 120 years if stored correctly but still is recyclable and biodegradable.

** LETGOFLOW Healing Incense contains fairly trade resins, woods, roots, petals and herbs. Stored dry in a dark spot this product lasts longer than 100 years.





Thank you from ❤ for the extraordinarily beautiful package and goodies filled with wonderful energies. It just makes me happy. Even the outer packaging with your beautiful personal hand address was a pleasure for me. And my anticipation spilled over into joy when I was finally allowed to open the package- The cards are just woow.
Wonderful energies. Again any time. Thank you for the special shopping experience with you and continue to enjoy your work.

Lidija, CH

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