Currently I do Shinrin -Yoku in the beautiful forests of Switzerland. The healing energy of the woods are grounding and calming. Intuitively I follow what my soul is seeking for and where healing is needed. Through mindful feeling and intuition I get the information what the tree, herbs, leaves are good for and where healing and transformation in the human body is taking part.

The forest talks to you if you allow to listen to it. karen fleischmann

I do hold group seminars. Please contact me for appointments. 

min 5 participants and max 20 in live group seminars


appointments in Zürich or to be discussed


speaking english and german 

Karen Fleischmann


Payment with TWINT possible.

Please send a message to


Disclaimer: LETGOFLOW is not legally responsible for any outcome when using high vibe goods.

Please do not leave your candle unattended. The herbs in the candle are susceptible to burning/catching fire.

Disclaimer: LETGOFLOW high vibe goods are all for entertainment use only.

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