GABI the HEALING STONE Rock Crystal - charged with high vibe intentions and energy


"Gabi" is a carefully selected unique double hexagon rock crystal. An energetically charged clear quartz. It holds the energy to sharpen your awareness, to give you clear insights and to open up to honest self reflection. 


The Sacred Geometry of a 6-sided Clear Quartz Point contributes to its ability to magnify energetic vibrations. The most universally known quartz formation is a candle shaped, hexagonal, 6-sided prismatic crystalline formation with natural facets at one or both ends - aka the clear quartz crystal.

Rock Crystals are wonderful stones to use with any type of meditation or healing energy work such as Reiki, sound healing, dream work, aromatherapy, flower essence therapy, and more.


Gabi's super power is to strengthen focus and clarity. 


Asking for validation from third parties will fade away. 

It demands a sense of reality and clarity.


It prevents from:

self pity



self doubts






Cleanse "Gabi" in sunlight 


high quality

unique rock crystal

ca. 4x5cm 


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Karen Fleischmann


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Please do not leave your candle unattended. The herbs in the candle are susceptible to burning/catching fire.

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