In fact, among the native Indians of South America, Palo Santo is known as the sacred wood. For centuries they have been using the sacred wood in ceremonies to cleanse the aura of negative influences. In Europe, too, people appreciate the good qualities of Palo Santo and use it to clean their homes or just to enjoy the scent.


When burned, the resin of the wood gives off a pleasant, sweet scent reminiscent of coconut. Its competitor, white sage, has a much more pungent odor. Because of this, the scent of Palo Santo is more pleasant for many people.







Burn the end and let the flame go when the end is glowing. Use the smoke to smudge your rooms, items or places.

Energy cleansing. It removes bad energy from your space.

Uplifts the spirit and being

It is good to calm your mind and helps in quiet meditation.

Good to kill bacterias and germs in a room. 

Palo Santo is a protection wood. It removes evil and bad energies or even thoughts. 





2 sticks  weigh around 15g

4 sticks weigh around 30g

6 sticks weigh around 45g





Each stick around 10cm long and 1 x1cm thick. 

You will love these Palo Santo sticks!


This is a nature product and quantity of sticks can vary slightly. Each piece is unique, with different weights and sizes.




Fair Trade | Sustainable Source | Premium quality


Intended for Curio use only. Please consult a physician for any medical treatment or advice.



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