the principle of matrix information: Same attracts same. Every action has a reaction. Energy is here and everywhere. We live in the now and only in the now can we change our future. Through connection with the so-called "morphogenetic" field (Rupert Sheldrake) it is possible to retrieve all information imaginable to us. Stored blockages such as pain, problems or obstacles are quickly and easily transformed, eliminated or dissolved by the two-point method. Sounds simple... it is simple!

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results with Matrix-Inform:

release of blockades, tension and pain

recognize the actual life plan

recall potentials

Immediate assistance in acute cases

transform emotional charges

conscious lifestyle

train more effectively

learn more easily

increase assertiveness

strengthen relationships

Matrix-Inform also belongs to the field of quantum healing.

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the transformation processes do not replace a doctor or therapist and do not cancel any medical/therapeutic prescriptions. I assume no liability for changes in any personal life or environment and I am not responsible for possible changes in the current life situation in any area of life (e.g. health, profession, relationship). 


Karen Fleischmann


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