empowerment coaching


Your fear of failure is still bigger than just going for it?

You have this calling to live your dream but not yet sure how to get there?

There is a feeling of "I need to do this in this lifetime" but I don't know how?

This pull to your true self getting stronger and stronger but you don't know why and how to get there?

Self employment is what you want but need  support to achieve your biggest dreams and goals?


stepping into empowerment 

To empower yourself means to disconnect from negative believes and transform negativity,

blockages and poor thinking  into courage, self esteem and trust. 

When you're vibrating in a low vibrant state like:

"i'm not good enough", "i can't do this", "why me?!", "do i deserve this?", "others are much better" etc.

then you are not aligning with your highest good, desires, success and soul path. You are aligning with

what you don't want. Meaning you do attract what you don't want. And then asking yourself why your

life doesn't work out as you want it to be. - Sweetheart, you simply  have too many negative thoughts about yourself!




In the last 12 years I've developed my personal empowering technique. I'm self employed over 4 years now.

Guess what? -It's getting better and better! I learn faster, easier and growing with ease at the same time.


Step into the state where you truly want to be in. In the most positive way. Letting go of all the negative beliefs

and manifest your best version of yourself. Live your dream life! Simply because you deserve it <3 


the key to empowerment is courage

it's in our nature that we all feel an inner pull to our life plan and soul path.

some days stronger some days less.

why don't we just all follow our inner feelings and just trust our intuition?

doubt, fear, unworthiness, attachments  suppress our believing in ourselves.

have you ever heard this expression:

"everything you dream about lies behind your own fears."

and this is exactly why we don't push ourselves to follow our inner guides and intuition.

fear is a lack of courage. it's a creation of our poor self belief. 

whatever we truly believe about ourselves, we are projecting in our outside world.

we create our own lives!

as within so without, as above so below. 

we are our own projection. let's make the best out of it!-)

through an individual personality analysis we experience what your

true soul purpose is and what you really want to achieve in this life time.

we'll find out how you will achieve it the fastest, easiest and most joyful way.

we focus on your personal goals and create your own playing field.

yes, a playing field. achieving your goals will be fun!


"the journey is the reward"



question yourself

are you living your true calling?

do you feel free in what you do?

does money flow to you from inexhaustible sources?

are you always in the right place at the right time?

do you trust your flow of life completely?

do you spend your life with your true soul mate?

do you trust?

do you deserve better?

do you live in your dream home?

do your friends always want the best for YOU?

do you simply learn with fun and joy?

are you attached to toxic people?

I do offer empowerment group seminars. Please contact me for appointments. 


min 5 participants and max 20 in live group seminars


appointments in Zürich or to be discussed


speaking english and german 

Karen Fleischmann



Payment with TWINT possible.

Please send a message to info@letgoflow.com


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