Hello my dear


I'm so glad you're finally here. I was looking forward to this moment.

Yes, you were always meant to be here at this moment and time of your life. 

You were guided to come here. Congratulations- you did a great job and

I'm very proud of you.



Now it's your time to LETGOFLOW



In the past few years you met so many people, made so many experiences

and filled your emotional back pack with them.

My dear,  you got so strong!

I'm impressed by your strength and how much you can carry around.

Sometimes it gets too heavy even for you.



Now as you're here, I'd love to take a look in your back pack

to see what heavy weight we can replace it with tender love and freedom

light as a feather.



What you should know about energy:

"everything is energy. everything.    -    doesn't matter if tangible energy or subtle energy."



tangible energy:


physical body

material world

what we can touch

subtle energy:


psychic body

immaterial world

what most people can't see but feel


The seven human energy bodies (from left to right)

physical / etheric / astral / mental / causal / buddhi / athma

when healing we are integrating all energy bodies and transforming

negative energies (negative situation) into

positive energies (positive situation).


let go = flow        holding on = blockage 

positive and negative emotions and energies 

positive emotions

love, compassion, joy, trust, peace, harmony, faith



Every emotion and energy has its muscle, organ or cell where it manifests in our bodies. Doesn't matter if positive or negative. 


A healthy body mind and soul is balanced, happy and flourishing. When positive energies and emotions are stored in our bodies we feel, see and hear it in the persons  aura, eyes, voice and physical body. 


A positive mindset makes us happy, loved and healthy.


The more we say yes in our lives the more our live says yes to us. 

negative emotions

fear, doubt, hate, envy, anger, sadness

Energies and emotions we want to transform in our body mind and soul


exam anxiety, driving anxiety, flight anxiety, loss anxiety, phobias, progress anxiety, behavioral disturbance etc.



(chronic and acute)

back pain, headaches/migraines, joint pain, neck tension, various organs, etc.



smoking cessation, alcohol abuse, drug abuse, sweets, etc.



A negative mindset is making us sick.

question yourself

do you feel free in what you are doing?

does money flow to you abundantly?

do you spend your life with your soul tribe?

are you living your true calling?

are you healthy?

do you trust?

do you live in your dream home?

do you simply learn with fun and joy?

do you spend time in toxic relationships? 

how are we healing and transforming energies?


My awakening journey started in 2012. The past 10 years I've been healing, growing and transforming to always become the best version of myself. Today I'm ready to share all high vibe energy tools&goods that have helped me in my journey with you <3

The past 10 years I've developed my own energy healing method based on the matrix healing technique, self reflection healing, intuitive healing and the akashic records.


Gifted, blessed and energetically supported by mother earth, the universe, spirit guides, energy portals, akashic records, higher self and more.


It is my aim and life's purpose to connect with many light workers, starseeds, empaths, healers to create more love and light on our planet earth.



Simply explained we transform your negative energy into positive energy by focusing

on your theme, accepting it and letting it go with ease, love and light

"no matter what situation you are dealing with, together we dissolve your blockages lovingly and with ease."

I do offer energy healing sessions in  group seminars. Please contact me for appointments. 


min 5 participants and max 20 in live group seminars


appointments in Zürich or to be discussed


speaking english and german 

Karen Fleischmann



Payment with TWINT possible.

Please send a message to info@letgoflow.com


Disclaimer: LETGOFLOW is not legally responsible for any outcome when using high vibe goods.

Please do not leave your candle unattended. The herbs in the candle are susceptible to burning/catching fire.

Disclaimer: LETGOFLOW high vibe goods are all for entertainment use only.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     © karen fleischmann