i'm karen and i'm very happy that you did find your way to my homepage "letgoflow".

who am i?

in my life i reinvent myself again and again, but here a few facts about me...

karen fleischmann

born  24.08.1984

2000-2004 apprenticeship as a businesswoman at the kv- zürich

2005 start of modeling career

2008 traveling the world

2009 continuing education vocational baccalaureate health/social

2010 first energy experience (KogEn)

2011 acting school efas in zürich

2012 Matrix-Inform level 1 and 2 

2013 Matrix-Inform level 3

2014 self-employed as model and actress, presenter

2015 starting my eco activist career 

2016 self - employed as an energetic intuitive healer


 2018 akashic record consultant by Gabrielle Orr

2019 creating my own energetic healing methods and concepts


Karen Fleischmann


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         © karen fleischmann